Serene chiu is the founder and executive producer of redorfe asia. Redorfe has been in business since 2004

Serene’s strength lies in her extensive experience handling commercial television and print photography production.

For over 20 years Serene Chiu has managed and produced some of the most interesting and complex television and print campaigns around the world for clients such as OPPO China with Leonardo Dicaprio, SELECTED Menswear with David Gandy,  SKII Worldwide, SKII Japan with Celebrity Ayase, Clear Shampoo Worldwide, Clear Shampoo Japan with Celebrity Aoi, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Nokia, Motorola, Levi’s, Guinness, Panasonic, LUX, Coca-Cola, HTC and many more.  She has worked extensively throughout Asia, Oceana, Europe, North America and South America.

Serene is well known in the industry as an extremely reliable, efficient and resourceful creative partner. she understands the unique stresses inherent in productions of all sizes. with that knowledge, she strives to keep the stress at bay for her clients using her perfect blend of wit, aplomb and one-of-a-kind charm.

serene is resourceful and her belief is that challenges always have multiple solutions, but the best ones are generally handled creatively and not necessarily by throwing money at them. this yields better results, a smooth production and a happier client. She knows that a production can be stressful enough for a client without having to worry about their support team. thats why she wants to keep that variable out of the equation.